Finally. Junior year has finally come to an end. I have now made it three out of four years in high school. This year was said to be the toughest out of all of them, and so far it definitely was. Continue reading


College Standards of Today

As everyone knows, the competition to get into college is very extremely competitive. Nearly all students that are going into college feel like they need to get straight A’s or nearly all A’s to be able to get into a good college. The standards of today is ridiculous and the prices of tuition are outrageous causing our generation to be in great student loan debt after graduating from college. Continue reading


Last Summer I posted a tweet about my Mom and how she photocopied her phone because she did not know how to screenshot a recipe she saw on facebook.  Continue reading


In one of my more recent posts, I had gone through the entire Self-Titled album by Beyoncé. In this post I will be talking about a short film that she released on the 1 year anniversary of the album.  Continue reading

BEYONCÉ: The Visual Album


Beyonce’s fifth studio album named after herself is an album that changed the music industry in one night. What she did, no artist had ever done before. On the night of December 13th, 2013 when nearly everybody was asleep (I personally was not) she dropped the album by complete surprise only on iTunes. Continue reading

5 Things You Can Do for Healthier Skin

I used to have bad acne all over my face since the beginning of 7th grade until I went on this medication named Accutane to clear up my skin permanently. Before I took accutane I did many things to try and prevent my skin from breaking out even more, so here are some thing that I did and still do to keep my skin healthy: Continue reading

The Essential Question


When you see a homeless person or person standing with a sign in their hands, do you usually give them your money? What goes through your head when you see these people asking for money to help them? The essential question is; Should you usually give a small amount of money to people begging for money on the streets? When I usually see these people I obviously, like everybody else who sees these people feel bad for them. I usually try to give money to these people but I always wonder, what do they actually do with the money I give to them? Continue reading

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